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Our Services

Transform visions into engaging pet products and experiences

We help envision opportunities that we rapidly realize into market-ready solutions through a systematic design process. From concept to execution, we assemble custom teams of specialists for each program’s needs.


Product Design

From concept to production-ready stage we develop innovative design solutions that create impact for you and your customers.

We address needs, challenges, and opportunities with a unique workflow on designing products for animals and pet owners involving our network of animal experts, engineers, material specialists and manufacturer partners in the field of textile, plastic and metal production.

Our scope covers:

Design research

Concept development

Product design


Textile design


Material design

Colour & Pattern design



People tend to fall in love with stories not objects or features. We design message, product and brand identity as an organic unit.


As part of our design process we define and articulate the message that fits to your brand DNA, engages the right audience and is told in the language your customers speak. We express it in product design and integrate it into every layer of your communication.

Our scope covers:


Brand strategy

Brand Creation

Story telling

Logo and Brand Identity

Design Systems

Packaging & Unboxing

Guidelines & Brand toolkits



Uncover market insights that drive new opportunities and products. Gather intelligence on market patterns, key competitors, pet owner's drives and needs.


Develop perspective on how the pet world is changing and discover how to leverage trends and drivers to form strategy with confidence.



See the bigger picture. Understand what to design, to whom to design and why based on research and data.


Understand where and how to improve your products to achieve your strategic outcomes. How to create innovative concepts for future products that position you at the forefront of the pet market.



Working closely with our clients and partners, we apply our product-market-fit process with systematic testing & validation to identify market opportunities and risks, and design laser focused products for carefully defined audiences.


Design for Animals

Pets and humans are simultaneous users of pet products with very different needs and ergonomic requirements.


To meet these complex requirements we work with a design method uniquely developed for pet product development. Our diverse team brings a wide range of backgrounds and expertise that bridges animal ergonomics, material engineering and user experience design.



Controlling risk of user experience satisfaction with usability testing of each product design and engineering concept with your customers, discover their needs and desires, and rapidly improve solutions that hit all your metrics.

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